Government reverse on Efunshile C4 board place

Former Arts Council deputy CEO Althea Efunshile, is to join the board of Channel 4 in a u-turn by the government that blocked her appointment a year ago.

In 2016 Ofcom recommended five“highly qualified”candidates to culture secretary Karen Bradley to fil vacancies on the Channel 4 board, of whom four were white males. Efunshile, the only black woman candidate, was rejected with no satisfactory explanation being given. It prompted questions in the House when the prime minister was forced to defend the decision.

Today DCMS announced Efunshile, who retired from the Arts Council last year after being awarded a CBE for her services to the arts, was to be one of four new non-executive directors of C4.

A DCMS spokesman said today that this time Efunshile has met the criteria for a different non-executive role than were sought last year - this a person “with “experience working and/or engaging with young people, for example from an organisation with an educational purpose” was required. Efunshile is also chair of the National College for the Creative and Cultural Industries.

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