Murdoch arts charity launches regional artists scheme

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Freelands Foundation will invest £1.5 million

The Freelands Foundation, the charity linked with media executive Elisabeth Murdoch, is backing a new £1.5 million grants scheme for emerging artists.

The new funding initiative called the Freelands Artist Programme, involves four regional arts organistaions pairing with individual artists.

The four, G39 in Cardiff, PS2 in Belfast, Site Gallery in Sheffield and Talbot Rice Gallery at the University of Edinburgh, will use an annual bidget of £30,000 to develop and curate a series of two-year programmes; five artists will be selected annually to participate in each exhibition programme. By the end of the programme, more than 80 artists across the four organisations will have taken part.

As part of the scheme, the Foundation will hold annnual event to share best practice proposals will also be held annually.

Tessa Giblin, the director of the Talbot Rice Gallery, said: “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with emerging artists in the University context over the next five years.”

Artists Union England (AUE), which represents a number of UK artists, says its will continue its campaign to have Elizabeth Murdoch removed from her position on the board of Arts Council England. The move comes despite a ruling from the commissioner for public appointments that Murdoch’s appointment had not breached any governance codes.

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