Ireland launches international culture strategy

Seven year programme promises to double arts spend

Ireland is promote the country’s arts and culture as part of a seven year investment in the country’s international profile.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar promised to double current spending on the arts and invest €1.2 billion in capital programmes for Culture, Language and Heritage.

The government’s culture agency, Culture Ireland,will embark on a seven year programme in growth markets for trade and tourism, including the GB18 programme, which will celebrate the unique cultural relationship between Ireland and Great Britain.

The government will appoint locally based cultural officers to New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Beijing and Los Angeles, and will choose high-profiel artists as cultural ambassadors for the country.

Other plans include developing Irish arts centres in London, New York and other cities and doubling the country’s spend on film production.

Mr Varadkar said the new project, Global Ireland will also boosts investment in trade, diplomacy and tourism, will promote Irish arts, heritage and culture to new generations and new audiences across the world.”

Speaking at the launch event, Mr Varadkar said: “With the launch of Global Ireland 2025 we are setting out our path for global citizenship.

“Today we follow in the footsteps of our forebears by showing how we will engage as citizens of the world in the 21st century.


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