Rights of Man and the White Hart, Lewes…

Thomas Paine and his seminal work The Rights of Man are in the spotlight at Lewes in Sussex this weekend, and particularly at the White Hart Hotel.

For LewesLight, the town’s annual sound and light show, the White Hart where Thomas Paine founded his Headstrong Club out of which came his Rights of Man, published in 1791, will feature installations by the animation specialists FilmSpot – pictured here is a working drawing. 

Paine was a friend and supporter of freethinkers such as the early feminist Mary Wolstencraft, and the Rights of Man proposed that political revolution was justified when a government was not safeguarding the natural rights of its people, supporting the founding fathers of the United States where migrated on leaving Lewes, and where ehe is still; lionised today The White Hart has any eariy copy on display.

LewesLight is free and, now in its fourth year, runs from tomorrow (October 12) until Sunday.

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