Gloucester Life Museum to close

City council cites ‘financial pressures’

Gloucester City council is to close one of its two museums.

The Gloucester Life Museum will be merged with the City of Gloucester Museum and the site handed over to the local civic trust.

The move comes despite a recent rebrand of the museum, which was formerly known as Gloucester Folk Museum and a 900 signature petition urging the council to keep the museum.

The council blames financial pressures for the closure. Corporate director Richard Lund said “The museums services are in a financially vulnerable position and budgets and the capacity to address the financial situation are stretched by operating across two sites." It costs  £65,000 per annum to run the City Life museum.

The council says the move will strengthen the city museum service and ensure that a historic asset remains in good hands.  However, it admits that discussions with the Civic Trust  are at an early stage, but if the trust took the museum over it would turn the building into a venue for heritage exhibitions and open a cafe. A programme of repair and refurbishment would also be led by the trust.

The museum was in a building once used as the Bishop of Gloucester lodgings and was a pin making factory in the 18th and 19th centuries. It contains a number of 16th century paintings and


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