Watercolours World site to be launched by Unsung Hero

Fred Hohler, who launched the Public Catalogue Foundation discovering and listing 230,000 oil paintings in the public ownership but not on view, has turned his attention to  watercolours.

The 85 volumes the PCF compiled now comprise the website Art UK, but Hohler now intends to document three centuries’ worth of watercolours – Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have agreed to be his patrons.

He aims to create a visual history of the world online with digitised documentary watercolour paintings from before 1900. He hopes to launch it next spring.

“A re-evaluation of the documentary record contained in watercolours is bringing back into focus a fascinating but largely ignored visual record of the cultures and countries of our world from the Age of Enlightenment through to the modern era” he said. “By sourcing and digitising these watercolours – many more of which will be discovered during the course of this project – we are giving online users the ability to explore specific locations throughout the world through over three hundred years’ worth of watercolour painting.”

To be called The Watercolour World the new initiative is backed by The Marandi Foundation, a London-based charity.

Last week Hohler was the first recipient the Critics’ Circle’s Unsung Hero Award presented in memory of the late critic Denise Silvester-Carr.

Image displayed is Getting Out One Of The Large Buoys for Launching, 1865, Robert Charles Dudley

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