Scottish arts face more cuts

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Creative Scotland warns of reduced funding

Creative Scotland has warned arts organistion to expect further cuts in funding for the next three years.

The arts funding body has also signalled a delay in informing its 119 regularly funded organisations (RFOs) about decisions for the next round of grants for 2018-2021 grants.

In a letter to the RFOs, deputy chief executive of Creative Scotland Iain Munro said that funding for RFOs was expected to reduce in future, that fewer organisations will be funded and that “funding awards may not be at the levels requested by organisations

He added that arts organisations, which had been expecting to find out their grants awards soon after Creative Scotland received its own budget settlement from the Scottish Government on December 14, would now have to wait until the end of January for decisions.

The news follows cuts in the money available to the Scottish Government from the UK Budget announcement last week and warnings last month about an expected reduction in income from the National Lottery.

Application s to Creative Scotland for the 2018-21 funding cycle closed in April this year with 184 eligible applications requesting a total of £153 million for the three-year period, April 2018 to March 2021, 50% up on the current level. Because of the delay, Creative Scotland has said it will extend contracts for all current RFOs until the end of May 2018, based on current funding levels.

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