ACE to focus on Isle of Wight

Arts Council England is to make the Isle of Wight a Priority Location.

This means that arts organisations in the island will now receive advice and support to develop their work.

ACE will work with the Isle of Wight council, local museums and arts organisations New Carnival Company, Shademakers, the Quay, Ventnor Exchange to pinpoint opportunities.

The move follows intensive lobbying from the island MP Bob Seely.

The MP said, “I’m delighted that the numerous round tables with ACE and arts groups across the Island this last year has paid a handsome reward and I thank the arts council for this announcement.

I believe the Island's artistic heritage is currently underutilised and there is a huge area of potential for the Isle of Wight to develop and link up with other organisations like London museums, theatres and galleries.

Phil Gibby, South West area director for ACE, said: “We’re delighted to have identified the Isle of Wight as a priority location. We know that the success and sustainability of the arts and cultural sector on the Isle of Wight depends on effective partnerships between the Arts Council and its local partners.

He added, “We’re very grateful to Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely for bringing people together to advance this shared agenda.”

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