Historic London swings

London’s landmarks have been put to music in the latest phase of the Musicity project, devised to bring a new dimension to familiar architecture.

Seven composers have been commissioned to provide soundtracks to such Southwark sites as Tate Modern’s Blavatnik Switch House, the Faraday memorial at the centre of Elephant and Castle giratory system, White Cube Bermondsey, Southwark Cathedral, the 18thcentury Hopton’s Almshouses, the street food market at Flat Iron Square and the Siobhan Davies Studios.

Main image, the Faraday memorial, Elephant & Castle

The artists chosen to create the new sounds are The Memory Band, Shamus Dark, Langham Research Centre, Lossy, Hatis Noit, Chisara Agor and Sooski.

Hatis Noit, pictured here by Özge Cöne, has written the soundtrack for White Cube, Bermondsey

London follows Seoul and will be joined by Tokyo, Coventry, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzen later this year, and there are already Musicity soundtracks in London at Peckham Library, The Shard, Canada Water Bus Station and Borough Market.

 “Musicity is proof of the power of architecture and a building’s atmosphere to inspire all sorts of artists” said the scheme’s deviser, Nick Luscombe. “The project makes it possible to experience architecture-inspired music and sound art in the very place that sparked its creation.

“This is not a commercial venture; we want to support and promote new music, but also to transform the experience of listening to it. In an age when so much music is available in an instant, we want to bring back the joy of seeking it out. We want our audience to venture out, to be active, not passive, consumers of contemporary music, to explore cities and to experience the urban environment in new and unexpected ways, through music that is entirely connected to it.”

The soundtracks can be accessed at the sites at https://www.musicityglobal.com/cities/london/


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