Cerith Wyn Evans wins Hepworth Sculpture Prize

The sculptor who began his artistic career as an experimental film maker has won the £30,000 Hepworth Prize for Sculpture.

Only the second time the annual award has been made, the Hepworth Prize in the name of one of Britain’s greatest sculptors was devised to recognise a British or UK-based artist who has made a significant contribution to the development of contemporary sculpture.

 “Cerith has been a hugely influential artist for over thirty years, and his recent work has been truly exceptional, extending the possibilities of what sculpture can be” said Simon Wallis, director of the Hepworth Wakefield and chair of judges. “The judges thought that the work he has made at The Hepworth Wakefield exemplifies this through its sensitivity to the site, integrating ephemeral and elemental forces to powerful emotional effect.”

Wyn Evans’s display piece at The Hepworth Wakefield, Composition for 37 flutes (pictured), combines thirty-seven crystal glass flutes in two overlapping arcs. An organ mechanically pumps air into the flutes, making breath-like sounds.  

Wyn Evans was born in 1958 in Llanelli, Wales and lives and works in London. He came to attention in the 1980s as an experimental filmmaker and collaborator across artistic disciplines, including dance and performance. His sculpture combines ideas and influences from art, history, philosophy and science to transform perceptions of the world.

Shortlisted for this year’s prize were Michael Dean, Mona Hatoum, Phillip Lai and Magali Reus with Cerith Wyn Evans, and they are all represented in the Hepworth Prize for Sculpture exhibition which runs until 20 January 2019.


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