Outdated systems blocking creativity growth - CIF

Growth in the creative industries is being stymied by government and policy bodies working by out-dated definitions, according to a report published today by the Cultural Industries Federation (CIF).

Do although more than 80% of creative enterprises are expecting to grow, support is not tailored or marketed to the needs of the modern sector, according to the report Growing the UK’s Creative Industries: What creative enterprises need to thrive and grow.#CreativeGrowth.

“Now worth more than £100bn in GVA (2017), the sector is the fastest growing part of the UK economy, and yet our research shows that offering the right sort of support could unlock even more significant growth” said the CIF’s chief executive, Alan Bishop (pictured). “To get this support right requires accurate understanding of what creative enterprises actually need in order to grow.

“The quality and diversity of talent working in our creative industries has been central to its rapid growth and world-leading success. There is also a major, justified concern that Brexit on the one hand and the devaluing of creative education by government on the other will severely impact the sector's ability to thrive. Further, we fear that if these challenges are not addressed, the UK will fail to prepare the next generation for the future of work, where a blend of creative and technical skills will be crucial across all industries."

The report recommends a Brexit deal that ensures the UK can maintain its strength in intellectual property, safeguards for public investment and fiscal incentives to help pump prime innovation, business support programmes tailored to the needs of the creative industries, empowerment for local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships to develop  supportable eco-systems to attract creative enterprises that would boost local economies, and a recognition of creative education and skills development as a foundation for growth.

Creative industries minister Margot James said the creative industries were at the heart of the UK economy, contributing a record £101 billion in 2017. “Through our modern industrial strategy we are working with industry, academia and local authorities to back the sector across the UK and help creative businesses reach their full potential” she said.

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