ACE launches £6m leadership fund

Arts Council chair Nicholas Serota today launched a new £6m leadership investment fund for museums, libraries and the arts.

Leadership training programmes will be able to apply for grants ranging from £150,000 to £1m with aim of ensuring that cultural leaders are properly skilled to support growth, diversity and long-term sustainability.

Transforming Leadership, as the initiative has been titled, follows a King’s College report, Changing cultures: Transforming leadership in the arts, museums and libraries, compiled for ACE last year which found that not enough was done to develop leadership potential within organisations, that there wasn’t enough flexibility in organisations and that there should be more placements between companies and institutions to exploit promise. ACE also took account of a report by the research consultancy Consilium, Leadership, workforce development and skills in the arts, creative and cultural sector, which traced the development in arts leadership since 2010.

“For arts, culture and creativity to thrive we must invest as much in encouraging and developing people as we do in programming and buildings” Serota said today. “Diverse and effective leadership is an essential component for the success, growth and sustainability of the sector.

“This fund will create programmes that give arts and cultural leaders the time, space and resource to achieve their full potential, helping them ensure that museums, libraries and arts organisations are exciting and rewarding places in which to work.”

To qualify, programmes t must begin no later 1 October 2019 and end no later than 31 March 2022, and applications should be submitted by February 7.

Arts Council England ran its own Treasury-funded leadership programme from 2006 to 2011, when it was scrapped in the post-2010 spending cuts. It was run by Hilary Carty who is now director of the independent Clore Leadership Programme.

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