How can I get my show digital?

BBC and ACE offering funding, training, toolkits, and webinars

More and more museums, theatres, concert halls, galleries and arts venues are looking to digital outlets to give them an audience while venues are closed by Covid-19 – but how?

The Space, a commissioning and development organisation devised by Arts Council England the BBC to support greater digital access to the arts, is offering help, navigating the shift to digital technology, with funding grants training and practical toolkits, and fortnightly webinars for arts organisations and artists.

While this has been the purpose of The Space since it was created in 2012, the task has become relevant and urgent in the period of enforced isolation. ACE is funding a low cost research and development commissioning strand  teaching  the  making of digital content, with a deadline for applications of May 7, while the BBC’s Culture in Quarantine Fund is supporting artists in video, audio and interactive work, the deadline for which is tomorrow, April 8. Applications for both strands can be found at

The webinar programme is offering

  • Live streaming and low cost capture
  • Online content distribution
  • Short form social content

There are also free online resources including an online audience development toolkit, starting a podcast, a digital rights toolkit and how to live stream arts events, available at

“The work of The Space has never been more relevant” said The Space’s creative director and CEO Fiona Morris. “As venues remain locked and under increasingly great financial pressure, the ability to bring your exhibition, show, performance or artwork out of the venue and into the homes of a vast and eager audience becomes even more crucial.

“Cultural organisations have a lot on their plates at the moment and in many cases are struggling to survive, and we want to help them through a difficult time. We are delighted to be able to offer commissioning, online training and guides to an area of work that can be daunting when first approached.”

The image shows Albion at the Almeida, to be broadcast by the BBC on a date to be announced




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