Thames Estuary becomes festival venue

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The Thames Estuary is to host a large scale festival celebrating the history and culture of the riverside from Tilbury to Southend-on-Sea.

Jointly organised by the art entrepreneurs Metal and Cement Fields, the programme was announced today promising contemporary artworks, performance, discussion and events.

“Estuary 2021 is about celebrating the histories, landscapes and communities of the Thames Estuary” said the co-curators, Colette Bailey and Sue Jones. “Reimagined in response to the challenges we’ve faced this year, Estuary 2021 celebrates what is unique about the area, working with artists, freelancers, arts organisations and people of all ages who live locally, in order to continue to foster creativity, culture and renewal in the region. The estuary has long been a place of innovation, of new starts and reinvention, and the widening of horizons, and Estuary 2021 is a celebration of this.”

The reset festival, its second edition, will take place over 23 days, from May 2 to June 13, and will feature performance, including a site specific performance by Arbonauts (illustrated here), installation, immersive storytelling, GPS audio - such as the re-imagining of poem Ness by Robert Macfarlane - murals, walks and tours that present new perspectives on well-known estuary landmarks, and invitations to audiences to explore some of the lesser known estuary environments.


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