Science Museum reopens with 2033 net zero target

The Science Museum is to reopen on May 19 with a target to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by 2033 – 17 years sooner than the government’s target.

The museum reopens with the country’s first significant exhibition about carbon capture and storage, Our Future Planet. It is also launching an online content theme, Our Environment.

Our Future Planet, which runs until September 4, will explore the latest techniques for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and visitors will get a first look at the new technologies and nature-based solutions being developed to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with some objects – Klaus Lackner’s Mechanical Tree, the Climeworks Direct Air Capture machine and basalt rock from Iceland containing trapped carbon – never having been displayed in the UK before.

And the Science Museum’s commitment to achieving Net Zero so much sooner than the government’s 2050 target is reinforcing its commitment to putting sustainability at the heart of its work, alongside engaging its audiences with the science and solutions to the urgent challenges facing our plane, said Sir Ian Blatchford, director of the Science Museum group.

“As we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity” he said. “As well as engaging our audiences with this grave threat, we need to do more to lessen our own environmental impact, which is why we’re today committing to achieving Net Zero by 2033.”

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