WeTransfer sets up foundation to train future creatives

The file-sharing app WeTransfer has committed €1m to a new arts education foundation, plus 1% of revenue.

WeTransfer’s Supporting Act Foundation is being established to support the next generation of creative talent through education grants and an annual prize.

It is to be an independent charity based in the Netherlands but operating across the US, UK, Italy, France and Germany, and could expand to other countries in future.

The new foundation will provide funding to young creatives including artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers and designers to enable them to study at home and abroad, and it will also operate a programme of grants for work. 

The foundation will also have an annual WeTransfer Award for Creative Excellence based on a single challenge issued each year to arts institutions, universities, and individuals from all branches of the creative arts.

“WeTransfer has always played an active role in supporting the arts, from high profile talent including FKA Twigs, Lily Cole, Bernadine Evaristo, Ann Philbin, Gilles Peterson, Troy Carter and Stephen Fry to emerging artists” said WeTransfer’s co-founder Damian Bradfield. “As we’ve grown, so have our ambitions and commitment to finding new ways to be there for up and coming creative talent.

“The launch of WeTransfer’s Supporting Act Foundation is an important step as we build further on this legacy. Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the arts, with a negative impact on patronage, sponsorship, and other opportunities – particularly for those without connections. 

“Our ambition is for WeTransfer’s Supporting Act Foundation to help fill part of this vacuum, providing a helping hand to talented artists and creators at the start of their careers, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds.”

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