National Theatre launches community campaign

The National Theatre has announced a National Theatre Together campaign to cement its commitment to the theatre community, young people and audiences, as well as to raise money to fund its post-covid recovery.

"Theatre is a world-class UK industry, and brings with it a bucket-load of economic and social benefits” said Rufus Norris, the National’s director. “The National Theatre has a crucial role to play in supporting the nation’s creativity; it’s an incredible place full of amazing people and elicits enormous affection, pride and passion in audiences around the world. National Theatre Together celebrates the work we create with theatre-makers and communities, for young people and audiences – and asks our friends to once again stand with us and equip us to do what we do best: shape a bright, creative future for this nation."

He made the announcement at the same time as launching the theatre’s first post-Covid season, when all three auditoriums, the Olivier, Lyttleton and Dorfman, will be open for live performances for the first time since March 2020 

Lisa Burger, the NT’s executive director (pictured here with Rufus Norris), said the last year has seen the theatre world face a risk like no other with theatre makers leaving the industry “in droves”.

Our new work department has continued to provide vital support for artists over this challenging year, and as we look to the future, we commit to sharing our skills and expertise with the nation, with at least one third of our capacity dedicated to fuelling stages beyond the NT” she said. “And, as we once again employ artists and craftspeople for our stages in London and on tour, we remain resolute in our commitment to world-leading work that empowers artists, develops specialist theatre-skills for the future and respects our environment. Theatre-makers create stories we'll never forget. Together we can empower artists and craftspeople to make world-leading work."


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