Kate Bellamy to head Clore Duffield

Kate Bellamy, the director of museums for Arts Council England, is to be the new director of the Clore Duffield Foundation.

She will succeed Sally Bacon, who left a year ago after 24 years with the charity, in September.

Bellamy led the team that delivered the Mendoza Review of Museums for DCMS in 2017.  “I am delighted to be the joining the Clore Duffield Foundation which has had such an impact on cultural leadership and engaging young people with art and culture” she said.

Dame Vivien Duffield, chairman of the foundation, said Bellamy’s experience with museums and the cultural world would be invaluable. “With her help I hope the foundation will be able to continue to work in supporting the cultural sector in general and also embark on an exciting new chapter of projects”.

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