Rattle's head to aid musicians

Conductor Sir Simon Rattle has had his portrait sculpted by artist Frances Segelman, completed from start to finish during a fundraising event for the charity Help Musicians.

The clay sculpture is being  donated to the charity by Segelman who hosted the event at the Garrison Chapel at Chelsea Barracks with her husband Sir Jack Petchey.

“Being a musician is wonderful but it’s really tough” said Rattle, musical director of the London Symphony Orchestra. “We have to look after our musicians; we have to encourage our musicians as much as we can because we need music. It could be five to ten years before we see the effect of what we just went through [the pandemic] so we all have to do a lot of tender loving care. This charity really, really helps, it has been a lifesaver to so many musicians, not even metaphorically but literally.”

The bust is the latest in a series made by Segelman for Help Musicians, after the Queen, Prince Charles, Joan Collins and Joanna Lumley.  

 “My father was a musician, which has given me a profound sense of empathy for musicians and the financial challenges they face, especially these past couple of years” the sculptor said. “Music and art is at the core of who we all are, so I am truly delighted to highlight the work of Help Musicians by sculpting the legendary Simon Rattle - how inspiring that he has given his time in this way to show solidarity with his fellow musicians."



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