Bird to quit SOLT and UK Theatre

Julian Bird is to stand down as CEO of the Society of London Theatre and UK Theatre after more than 11 years. 

"He has transformed all areas of the organisation over the last 10 years and has led us with commitment, care and calm not least through what has undoubtedly been the most challenging period in the history of the theatre industry" said SOLT’s president Eleanor Lloyd. President of UK Theatre Stephanie Sirr added that the industry is "in a much better place than it would otherwise have been thanks to [Bird’s] incredible work".

The former chief operating officer at Tate, he will leave his present role in May 2022, having delayed his intended departure. “It had always been my intention to think about moving on around the 10th anniversary of my time in the role, which would have been in November 2020. As with so much, the pandemic intervened in that” Bird said. 

Before he goes Bird will oversee the production of the 2022 Olivier Awards, for which he acts as executive producer, and a study into the economic impact of theatre. 

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