Throwing a new light

Three lighthouses around the UK coast have been transformed by the light artist Claire Luxton in a partnership with Hendrick’s Gin.

Landmark lighthouses at Belle Tout on Beachy Head in East Sussex (main image), Bidston on The Wirral (below), known for being the lighthouse built further away from the sea than any other in the world, and Girvan Harbour (bottom) on the South Ayrshire coast near Hendrick’s headquarters, have been turned into an advertising campaign for Hendrick’s new brand, Neptunia, choosing sites from among the more wild and rugged aspects of the coastline.


“My practice has always had a deep connection to the ocean and nature, with its mystery something I have always been intrigued by” Luxton said as the lights went on today. “Living in East Sussex, it’s a joy to find such beauty in the raw, unfiltered shorelines that fill me with inspiration. Working on this project with Hendrick’s Gin was such a special experience and felt really meaningful to bring home how much we take our coastline for granted.”

The light display lasts until the end of April.



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