London to get ‘creative island’


A new artists’ centre is to open on the Thamesday Silvertown, with guaranteed studio spaces and workshops, as part of the London City Island development.

English National Ballet, English National Ballet School, the London Film School and the contemporary art walk The Line  are to be joined in relocating to development by the arebyte gallery which will make creative spaces.

Working with Studiomakers, an alliance of organisations devoted to realising creative spaces in London, are the developers Ballymore to offer over 5,000 square feet of studio space.

“Artists continue to abandon London — a city whose fortune and unique atmosphere they helped create —in favour of capitals such as Berlin and Lisbon, because they no longer have a stake, or even a foothold” said the artist Charles Avery. “Studiomakers are taking a conservationist approach to this decline. They have the knowledge, connections, experience and belief to make a significant impact and their intervention comes at a critical time.”

The studios are expected to become available from the end of September. “It is my vision to make London City Island a home for art and creativity in the capital” said Sean Mulryan, chairman and chief executive of Ballymore Group. “This collaboration is particularly exciting as it will provide artistic talent with long-term and affordable opportunities for generations to come. The new creatives, brought to the island through this partnership, will integrate with our culturally rich mix of tenants and residents”.


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