BP award winner gives prize - to fight BP

The winner of this year’s BP Young Artist Award has given part of his prize money to Greenpeace – to help its campaign against the competition sponsor, BP.

“Though I was delighted to win this prestigious international award, I do not want to be used as a pawn in BP’s public relations strategy” said 26-year-old Henry Christian-Slane. “They sponsor art and culture to divert attention away from their destructive practices, which threaten the health of our planet. Though my donation is symbolic, I hope it will ensure that BP’s role in climate change is not overshadowed by their contributions to art and culture.”

New Zealand-born Christian-Slane’s portrait Gabi beat more than 2,800 other entries to claim the £7,000 prize last month. He was presented with his prize by BPL’s CEO Bob Dudley at the National Portrait Gallery, where the painting is on display until September 24.

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