Arts cut environment emissions by 17%

The arts and culture are at the forefront of the fight against climate change, according to a report from Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle.

The report shows a 17% decrease in emissions and a 9% cut in energy use between 2015/16 and 2016/17, with the sector saving £11m through energy efficiency since 2011.

An added bonus is that 82% of ACE’s national portfolio organisations are finding their environmental policy useful to support funding application.

“These are inspiring results” said Francis Runacres, ACE’s executive director for enterprise and innovation. “They pay testament to the commitment, dedication and hard work of arts and cultural organisations, which has resulted in both practical and imaginative solutions. The results of this hard work demonstrate clear and tangible benefits of environmental activity to the organisations, the sector, audiences and to society as a whole.”

And Alison Tickell, CEO of Julie’s Bicycle which has partnered ACE in environmental monitoring of NPOs since 2012, added: “What is happening across the country - in theatres, venues, festivals and museums, with artists, curators, green champions and chief executives - is a rich story that needs to be heard. Climate leadership is in the ascendant; creativity is combining with action to accelerate this exciting movement of change.”

The report was particularly welcomed by Nick Nuttall, spokesperson for UN Climate Change, who said: “We need to step up clean technology, rev up sustainable finance; make our cities green power houses and develop smarter food systems and forest systems. It is not going to happen without arts and culture igniting imagination. Arts Council England and Julie’s Bicycle offers one powerful blueprint to inspire the cultural leadership we need—congratulations”

The report is available to download online from Julie’s Bicycle and Arts Council England

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