Museum of London to honour the unknown Suffragettes

To mark the centenary next year of women getting the vote for the first time the Museum of London is to mount a programme devoted to the Suffragettes that won the franchise, many of them unacknowledged before.

The Votes for Women Programme focusses on the Suffragettes who fought courageously for the vote, through, protest, disruption and damage to property, and over 1,000 were imprisoned, but few of their names were commonly known.

Emily “Kitty” Willoughby Marshall, for instance, went to Holloway three times, the first for throwing a potato at the window of the Home Secretary, Winston Churchill. Jane Terrero was imprisoned for four months for window smashing, went on hunger strike and was force fed until she was released.

The programme will include a family friendly weekend festival in February coinciding with the centenary date of the historic Representation of the People Act.

Image is surveillance photograph of Suffragettes in Holloway Prison exercise yard. Copyright Museum of London.

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